Christmas Morning Rhema In Chair Dec 2013 SNAG-0003 SNAG-0004Opening Presents Is Fun!

Rhema was so cute Christmas morning in her PJ’s.  I got this outfit at a consignment event and it’s identical to the one she wore when she was 1 yrs old!  I LOVED those PJ’s back then and when I saw an identical one in a 4T, I had to get it for Christmas Day.  When Rhema was 1 yrs old we had just lost our house the month earlier and she was still recovering from emergency shunt revision surgery; it had been a horrible couple of months and I remember not feeling very jolly that Christmas. Christmas 2011 was a blur and not a very pleasant memory for me.  It was great to kind of have a “do-over” in these PJ’s that I loved so much!  I also loved that she wore her Christmas necklace all day as it was a great accessory to her precious Pj’s!!!!!

Christmas Morning Rhema BEST big Smile Dec 2013 SNAG-0001