Rhema loved being back in her Therapeutic Dance Class!

It’s been 3 weeks since Rhema has been to see her physical therapist and to her therapeutic dance class.  She seemed very excited to see everyone even though in the beginning she look a little shy.  I knew she had a growth spurt and everyone remarked about how much longer she looked.  We are still practicing for her upcoming Dance Recital and so Rhema got to wear her Ballet shoes for practice.  She liked them and remarked about the “bow” on them.  🙂  She did really well for her sessions and got right back into the swing of things.  We did decide to cut her “dancing pants” off shorter and she will be wearing them more now at home; during her sessions her legs did seem to have better range of motion with the new length.

Please keep both of Rhema’s legs in your prayers; and one leg specifically is turning inward badly.  Her physical therapist said that she feels that the good muscles in her legs are getting stronger, which is a good thing, but the bad thing is there are no healthy muscles on the other side to pull and balance out the leg to keep it straight.  So, Rhema’s legs are turning really badly inward again.  We have a clinic coming up in November and so we will address these concerns with her medical team and see what else we can do or if our only option is  surgery.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for our Rhema!

Blessings to you all, our precious friends and family who pray!