Characters for a Cause Event October 2013 SNAG-0002 SNAG-0000Another Princess!

Rhema was so tuckered out by the time the event for the Leukemia Society for Children’s Hospital rolled around, but we decided to take her anyway.  The event was Characters for a Cause and they charge a nominal fee for entrance where you can meet all the Princesses, Disney Folks, Sesame Street Folks, etc… and you can go get pictures with each of them.  Rhema did enjoy herself but was very tired and a little on sensory overload with all the hundreds of kids running around!  We did not want to miss out and wanted to go support our friends so I’m glad we attended and even got to bring along some additional family members with us!  So, we supported our Children’s hospital, brought folks along with us to support the hospital and Rhema got to experience meeting some familiar faces.  I call that a WIN-WIN day!