It’s a trophy!

It was wonderful to come together once more and see our Miracle League friends!  Rhema ate her little dinner while we waited to get her trophy with her teammates.  I’m so proud of her, just yesterday she successfully ate some small pieces of tender chicken cut up into small bite-sized pieces!  So, for the banquet I brought more and she ate those pieces too without choking!!!  Praise the Lord!  She is progressing so well past all the texture issues she’s had for so long.  There was a lot of noise and LOTS of clapping, which really did not sit well with her, but all-in-all she did great.  She would not touch her trophy at first, but after she warmed up to it she’s holding it and even trying to taste it! LOL!  Yep, everything goes in her mouth still! I took a picture of the plaque with the sign that was on her table.  We are so excited to put it up in her new room!