Rhema’s First Talk Show

We don't quite understand what she is saying yet, but Rhema sure has a lot to say!  She started vocalizing quite a bit a few days ago but would stop as soon as we started the camera recording.  This was the fir... MORE


Today, Rhema had a follow-up visit with the neuro surgeon's office to check her progress with the shunt device and her back.  No surprise - she is doing real well and they are very pleased with the continued he... MORE

Rhema Balloon Princess

Rhema is very interactive and likes to watch things move.  She took a special interest in the balloons that the Goldenberg family brought her when she came home.... MORE

The Amazing Rhema Ballerina

Watch this AMAZING video caught with daddy's cell phone as Rhema kicks her legs and feet like a ballerina while Papa Godwin gives her a bottle.  This was the first time we were able to hold her since birth and ... MORE