Rhema Vocals

Rhema has been vocalizing for several weeks now, but due to her affinity toward electronics, it has been difficult to capture on camera.  During this time she has vocalized words and phrases such as  "I love yo... MORE

A Giggling Rhema Part 2

Rhema has come such a long way since our last video post!   We will make additional posts with more detail soon, but here are some highlights... She is stronger than ever, she is more interactive than ever, she... MORE

Rhema’s Miracle Feet

Rhema recently demonstrated sensation and movement in her toes and feet and we caught it on video!  The doctors and therapists thought that she had no sensation in her feet, much less be able to move them!  Yet... MORE

Rhema’s Busy Day

After a busy day of going out to visit her pediatrician, Rhema says "hey" and is excited to hang out with dad and play in her bouncy chair.... MORE