She’s A Ridin’!

For all of you who like "moving pictures" here she is riding her new buddy, Butterfly Kisses!  Grab your handkerchiefs.... I needed one when I saw her ride that day.  What a brave, beautiful girl!... MORE

Rhema Is A Voice

Rhema is one of the children on a YouTube video entitled "We Are The Voice" which spotlights children with special needs.  The video is over four minutes long and she is at the 3:55 mark on the clip.  This prec... MORE

The Rhema Crawl

Rhema is getting faster by the day! She can push up and crawl too, but here she just army crawls because currently it's faster. With more time and practice her muscles will strengthen and she will lay aside her... MORE

A Boita Day for Rhema

Rhema came up with her own word she just loves to use - BOITA!  We're not sure what "Boita" means, but she speaks it repeatedly when she is happy or excited.... MORE