Rhema TV Spot For Ambucs!

Enjoy seeing our Rhema peddling her Tryke for AMBUCS awareness! Come join us at Mt Gilead Baptist Church on October 26th beginning at 9:30am for our Fall Festival and Rodeo and have your picture made with 2 Pr... MORE

Rhema’s Miracle Wagons

  WHAT'S "RHEMA'S MIRACLE WAGONS"? This is an outreach effort by Rhema's family to benefit and encourage families who have to take their children to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, AL for me... MORE

Jesus Loves Rhema Song

Rhema loves dance and will bop to any music that has a beat, but there is only one song she will sing-- "Jesus Loves Rhema"!  This video will warm the coldest of hearts and will send you diving for a tissue (I ... MORE