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Homeward Bound! 

We said bye bye to our friend at Rhema's nite-nite house. She LOVES the pink unicorn the staff purchased for her. We are so very blessed to have this extended  "family" at our Hotel. Rhema loves going to h... MORE
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Admitted to Hospital

Prayers needed!  Rhema had two pretty serious pressure sores. So she has been admitted to the hospital for a few days for wound care and intravenous antibiotic.  Please pray for relief from her UTI, ... MORE

Casting, Take 3! 

Rhema woke up happy (as usual) and is ready for another trip to the OR. Please join us in prayer that her foot will reposition well and that there is no damage to her skin with the metal pins shifting around in... MORE

Multi-Clinic Party!

Our Family! This picture was taken when we took Rhema to a planetarium!  Rhema loves outer space, rockets, the moon and stars....  It took a while for her to get brave and look around, but after a while (and... MORE
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Rhema Strep Update

2 Bowls Of Soup! Rhema's fever is gone and last night she ate 2 bowls of soup by herself!  Today she seems back to her perky self and is eating normally.  Still struggling to get her meds in her but we are conf... MORE
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Urgent Prayer Need….

A Sneak Peek At Valentine Pictures... I am so sorry ya'll for the delays in posting.  Momma's computer was down for 4-5 days and so I have not even done any post since Valentines.  I will get to those soon and ... MORE