Rhema’s Miracle Feet

Rhema recently demonstrated sensation and movement in her toes and feet and we caught it on video!  The doctors and therapists thought that she had no sensation in her feet, much less be able to move them!  Yet... MORE
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Sorry we are a little behind posting updates as free time is a bit of a premium these days ;) Rhema recently had a follow-up visit with the urologist and he addressed certain issues that we were already aware ... MORE
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It was a bit of a blur since the last medical report as everything went so fast shortly thereafter.  We realized that there has not been a cumulative medical update in several weeks, so here are the details.   ... MORE


Today, Rhema had a follow-up visit with the neuro surgeon's office to check her progress with the shunt device and her back.  No surprise - she is doing real well and they are very pleased with the continued he... MORE
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Another Rhema Miracle 9/23/10

Ready for another miracle?  Check this out! Today was our follow-up appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon (foot doctor) concerning Rhema's club foot.  You should know that this is the same doctor that confir... MORE
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Rooming-in with Rhema

We said good bye to Rhema's NICU room and checked in to a private hospital room for the final night they call "rooming-in'. This last night or two is where mom and dad get to take care of Rhema's physical needs... MORE