Some More 1st’s!

Ya'll Our Girl Can Write Her Name!!!!!! Rhema works hard everyday at school and we've seen her grow so much in the last few months! She lost her FIRST TOOTH last month!!!  And has since lost a second on... MORE

Pre-Surgery Clinic

Before Rhema's surgery she had a routine clinic visit.  She saw her whole team of physicians: Neurosurgeon, Urologist, Physiatrist, Orthotists, etc....  We'd already seen her orthopedic surgeon prior to thi... MORE

Home School Is Cool!

Rhema has attended a pre-school program a couple of days a week for the past few years.  In many ways it gave a good foundation but when we closed out 2015 she was no where ready for Kindergarten.  There were j... MORE

Glimpses of Summer Fun!

One of Rhema's  favorite activities--painting!  On this day we were celebrating her learning to vocalize/spell her name!  The trick we've discovered with her to get that elusive "command response" (a speech ter... MORE

And We’re BACK!

Hey Folks!  I know you've been wondering what's up with Rhema.   Where has she gone? Well, what happened was...... Rhema's blog was in serious need of an overhaul, so after many months of work, we are back! ... MORE

2015 Therapies In Review

Our New PT Friends Rhema has had some HUGE changes at the end of her year.  She's had 3 new PT's changing up and we will have more changes as we begin 2016. Rhema always smiles and brings such JOY to those ... MORE

Multi-Clinic Party!

Our Family! This picture was taken when we took Rhema to a planetarium!  Rhema loves outer space, rockets, the moon and stars....  It took a while for her to get brave and look around, but after a while (and... MORE