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Waiting For Appt. 

Rhema's foot was so very swollen and looked horrible when we arrived at the hotel late last night. We put ice on it while she fell asleep. The swelling is much better this morning.  She's been NPO since m... MORE

Glimpses of Summer Fun!

One of Rhema's  favorite activities--painting!  On this day we were celebrating her learning to vocalize/spell her name!  The trick we've discovered with her to get that elusive "command response" (a speech ter... MORE
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Snow! Rhema had only one day last week at school and doing regular activities-- but she ROCKED it!  She did an amazing job at school; they made snow and Rhema touched it, squashed it and had the most fun! Then ... MORE
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Angels Among Us!

Meet A Miracle Maker-- Mr. Alex! Yes folks, there are Angels among us...... I use the word "Angels" in an attempt to capture the kindness and generosity demonstrated by Mr. Alex.  Let me begin at the beginning... MORE