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Rhema, Lend Me Your Ears

We had Rhema's Audiology appointment today and she did a great job! The Audiologist kept remarking how calm she was; Rhema did not fuss, was not afraid, and held still for all of the examinations. The results w... MORE
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Em-bracing Rhema

Exciting news!  Rhema was just fitted for her foot braces!  She was an angel during the casting process and actually fell asleep in my arms while they cast both her feet.  She is always in such perfect peace. :... MORE
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Check Up Rhema

Rhema had her 7 month check up today and she did wonderful. She now weighs 15 pounds and is 26 inches in length! Her weight was a little below projected amounts but we now have the green light to begin solid f... MORE
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It was a bit of a blur since the last medical report as everything went so fast shortly thereafter.  We realized that there has not been a cumulative medical update in several weeks, so here are the details.   ... MORE


Today, Rhema had a follow-up visit with the neuro surgeon's office to check her progress with the shunt device and her back.  No surprise - she is doing real well and they are very pleased with the continued he... MORE