2015 Therapies In Review

Our New PT Friends Rhema has had some HUGE changes at the end of her year.  She's had 3 new PT's changing up and we will have more changes as we begin 2016. Rhema always smiles and brings such JOY to those ... MORE

Multi-Clinic Party!

Our Family! This picture was taken when we took Rhema to a planetarium!  Rhema loves outer space, rockets, the moon and stars....  It took a while for her to get brave and look around, but after a while (and... MORE

Farewell Friend….

Our Mrs. Dee Dee It's always hard when a member of Rhema's Team leaves or moves, but losing our PT friend Dee Dee has been extra hard.  We've known it was coming, but when it's your last day with someone who... MORE

Our Super Star!

The 1st AFO Pattern She's Picked Out! Also during our absence from posting Rhema experienced a 1st!  During our last Spina Bifida clinic Rhema picked out her own AFO braces pattern-- stars! So, we visited wit... MORE

Adding Speech

Golf Anyone? Rhema has added clinic hours of Speech to her already FULL agenda! She has been going about a month now and we are seeing some great progress! When she does a good job she gets a prize; the pict... MORE

OT Teriffic!

Superstar! Rhema is growing leaps and bounds with her OT skills! We are so happy with Rhema's progress during OT! Mrs. Erica was extra smiley this day as Rhema met a HUGE goal they have worked on for over 6 ... MORE

Teethy Grin!

Look at my pearly whites!! I love this picture; I told her to show me her pretty, white teeth and this was how she grinned!  LOL! Rhema is doing so well with her teeth brushing! Boy I remember not too long a... MORE
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A GREAT Report!

Waiting for my check-ups.... Rhema rocked her 6th month check ups with all her medical team!  She laid so still for her renal ultrasound and asked the nurse 1000 questions about what she was doing.  LOL! Her ki... MORE

Dance Recital

Precious Little Dancer.... Rhema's Dance Recital did not go as we'd hoped.  This time around she was actually excited and knew many, many of the hand motions to the song.  She had practiced so many times with ... MORE