Out of Surgery

Rhema is out and her surgery went great!  Her surgeon said that her legs looked great and the bones are setting well. There are no pressure sores! PRAISE THE LORD!  The surgery from today went well... MORE

Ready To Go! 

Rhema started her day with a case of what she calls "sticky-up-hair-itis".  She woke up in a great mood.  She asked first thing for her muscles so she is suited-up and checked in.  ... MORE

Rhema ROCKS Recovery!

Rhema rested well at our favorite hotel with our hotel friends!  Mamma & Rhema enjoyed several hours on the porch watching the clouds, talking about things and listening to the new Bethel album.  Rhema's ... MORE

Pre-Surgery Clinic

Before Rhema's surgery she had a routine clinic visit.  She saw her whole team of physicians: Neurosurgeon, Urologist, Physiatrist, Orthotists, etc....  We'd already seen her orthopedic surgeon prior to thi... MORE