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Admitted to Hospital

Prayers needed!  Rhema had two pretty serious pressure sores. So she has been admitted to the hospital for a few days for wound care and intravenous antibiotic.  Please pray for relief from her UTI, ... MORE
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Back To Bham, AGAIN! 

Okay so Rhema's Houdini foot is still on the naughty list.  So here we go again.... Hoping we can come up with a plan B and not another cast.  For those of you who prayed the other day when we had t... MORE
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Cast: Take Two

Rhema did so well with the candy-cane cast removal. Her surgeon contemplated sending her to OR today and putting in metal pins, but in the end he went with another cast.  We are thankful to be headed home ... MORE
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We’ll Be Home For Christmas

We are headed home!!!!  It's so wonderful not to be in the hospital for Christmas. We've come close twice in Rhema's short life but have always been home for the Holidays.  As we drove by Children's ... MORE
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Waiting For Appt. 

Rhema's foot was so very swollen and looked horrible when we arrived at the hotel late last night. We put ice on it while she fell asleep. The swelling is much better this morning.  She's been NPO since m... MORE

Wound Care Update 

Rhema took this picture herself; thought it was so cute of her...... Rhema has a new Wound Care Team as of today. Her previous group wouldn't admit to putting Latex on her skin which is what has caused this ma... MORE
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Pressure Sores Update

Rhema was sent on by her pediatrician to wound care today.  Neither foot had to be debris so that was great news!  Both pressure sores appear to be healing quickly just with what we'd been using for t... MORE