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Daddy Forklift

This is one of the rare opportunities that Daddy has to hold Rhema while the staff changes her bedding and weighs her.  We call it the "forklift" due to the way she has to be held.  She enjoys the change and is... MORE
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Look Ma, No Stiches!

Rhema is healing so well, the neurologist removed ALL of her stiches today! Here is a pic of the back of her head where the shunt was placed, but she also had a long incision on her tummy and on her back. ... MORE
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Another Great Day

Rhema has been doing well all around. She was very alert again between several feedings today. She would watch & listen intensely at times as we would talk to her and pray over her. (She really likes prayer). ... MORE
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Cute as a Button

Rhema continues to do real well.  Today, we even saw movement in her legs and ankles.  She would draw them up when we were waking her up for a feeding. Her stools are becoming more solid which we are told is a ... MORE

Looking Around

Rhema was the most alert we have ever seen her to date!  She was looking around and listening intensely as different family members and staff visited.  She stayed peaceful, calm and alert for almost an hour and... MORE