Part Two: We KNOW How to Have FUN!

THIS is how we see the movie "Finding Dory"!  At the beach with some cool Dory shades! Tea Anyone? We took Rhema to her first Tea House and she loved it! Rhema loves hot tea and enjoyed all the little ... MORE

Her Brand New Ambucs Bike!

Yes, our Rhema has outgrown her last Ambucs bike and it was time for a new ride!  This time we've decided to incorporate both hand peddles and leg peddles.  Rhema is very excited to learn this new way of riding... MORE

Glimpses of Summer Fun!

One of Rhema's  favorite activities--painting!  On this day we were celebrating her learning to vocalize/spell her name!  The trick we've discovered with her to get that elusive "command response" (a speech ter... MORE

And We’re BACK!

Hey Folks!  I know you've been wondering what's up with Rhema.   Where has she gone? Well, what happened was...... Rhema's blog was in serious need of an overhaul, so after many months of work, we are back! ... MORE

Come on Spring!

At the beach in October 2015. Yes she was Superhero that day and enjoyed every chilly moment of the 30 minutes we allowed her to play. Yes, we are ready for some warmer temperatures..... That's her SUPER p... MORE

Part 2: Bye Bye Fall/Winter

Rhema & Momma on a Peanut Fair Ride Nov 2015 Bye Bye Peanut Fair, thanks for the memories! This is my favorite picture of us!  I had lost around 30 pounds at that point and was able to ride the kiddie r... MORE

Part 1: Bye Bye Fall/Winter

Pumpkin Patch Oct 2015 Bye Bye Pumpkins.... Rhema loved playing in your patch for 2 hours, building pumpkin forts and enjoyed her pumpkin rolling game! Library Fall Craft with Mrs. Grace Oct 2015 Bye By... MORE

Who Will She Be?

Rhema at Characters for A Cure Oct 2015 Rhema so enjoys dressing up almost daily.  She's been Princesses, Super Hero, Pirates, etc....  Lately it's been a Scientist!  Tomorrow she will have another opportuni... MORE