Pink Casts Will Travel

"Can I take these casts with me mamma?" LOL! I've been asked this question several times today as we prepped to leave the hospital. Rhema really likes her pink casts.  Here you can see they are short-leg ca... MORE

Super Lazer Feet are Super Cool

Rhema headed out with her PT buddies for a quick view of the city when she realized the cooling tubes connected to her casts looked like lazer cannons. Super Ice Girl is so amazing! ... MORE

Pom Pom the Recoveranian

What do you call a Pomeranian who helps her master recover from surgery?  A recoveranian! Rhema was so happy to see her service dog Pom Pom, who is also recovering from a broken leg.... MORE

Super Ice Girl Post op Recovery

It seemed like an eternity waiting for the surgery and recovery from anesthesia but she is awake and talking about her pink casts. The Super ice girl part has to do with the really cool blue tubes connec... MORE

Some More 1st’s!

Ya'll Our Girl Can Write Her Name!!!!!! Rhema works hard everyday at school and we've seen her grow so much in the last few months! She lost her FIRST TOOTH last month!!!  And has since lost a second on... MORE