Just For Fun

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Wow! Zowee! Pow!

Headed to School! Rhema continues to excel at her school twice a week!  She loves her teacher and she enjoys going to see the "kids" in her classroom.  Should I be worried that the one person she talks the most... MORE

Rhema Has an IR4 Buddy!

Our Rhema Miracle Team is growing!  Rhema has been matched with a runner with IR4! I Run 4 is a wonderful organization where runners all over the world are matched with individuals with Special Needs.  So wh... MORE
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Let’s Go Fly A Kite!

All Smiles! Rhema is pretty much back to her healthy self; she is still coughing and vomiting her food more than we'd like, but overall she seems better.  While she's been recouping, while we've all been recoup... MORE
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Her 1st Christmas Cookies!

It's Snowing! Rhema loved making cookies with her Aunts, Sanako and momma!   She loved sprinkling flour, ie. "snow", on her cookie dough!   Even her new Loopy Doll came and helped. Sprinkles! Rhema's Cookie Phi... MORE
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Penguins & Painting!!

I'm A Big Girl! Rhema attending her first big-girl outing with her school-- they saw a Penguin movie!!!! Rhema did so well her teacher's report--she did not cry, she only hid her face a little and she was very ... MORE
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Spina Bifida Christmas Party!

The Big Guy! We loved our time at the Spina Bifida Christmas party!  It was wonderful to see our friends that we only get to see a couple of times a year. We even got to see Baby Eve who, at the Walk N Roll, wa... MORE