Just For Fun

Who Will She Be?

Rhema at Characters for A Cure Oct 2015 Rhema so enjoys dressing up almost daily.  She's been Princesses, Super Hero, Pirates, etc....  Lately it's been a Scientist!  Tomorrow she will have another opportuni... MORE

Many Faces of Rhema in 2015

Story Bot! Rhema LOVES robots and a "Story Bot" is one of her favorites!  In 2015 we've seen such progress with Rhema's sensory challenges. There was a time where she would freak out at getting her face pai... MORE
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Let’s Begin With New 1st’s….

  1st See-Saw Ride Has it really been that long!!!  It's been an eternity since we've posted! Okay so going to begin with a post of "1st's".... And then will head into a brief overview of the last few mo... MORE
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Fun Times & Recent 1st….

  1st Time In Sprinkler! A precious friend at church made this wonderful sprinkler for Rhema!  She was really scared of it for a while, but finally got brave and decided it was AWESOME! 1st Trip to the... MORE
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Our Happy Snow-Girl!

Rhema was able to attend the most recent production of our local ballet academy-- A Frozen Show! We drove her almost an hour away to see this production.  Rhema was memorized by all the dancers. They even had ... MORE
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Her Pets!

New Fishy Friends.... About a year ago I bought Rhema a fish tank (with fish included) off of Craigs List.  Well, recently momma decided to do a huge cleaning and in the process mistakenly killed the filtering ... MORE
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Welcome Spring!

Yeah Buddy-- I Love My Bike! This is one of my favorite pictures of Rhema on her AMBUCS bike that I've taken! We are loving the warm weather and are so excited to get her out more on her bike! AMBUCS have been ... MORE
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Amongst Miracles

Mrs. Emily!!! Rhema attended an AMAZING event a few weeks ago that we did not want to overlook posting about-- The Meredith's Miracle's-- Characters for a Cause Event!   This precious lady pictured above is one... MORE
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Bye Bye February!

Our Valentine Girl! Valentine School Party! She's discovered Cheese Balls chips!  Apparently they are what's been missing her whole life! LOL!  Her little fingers were orange when I picked her up!  LOL! After h... MORE