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Happy Nurses Day! 

We love our nurse friends!!! Rhema has had some wonderful Nurses and we have some VERY dear friends who are AMAZING nurses.  We know their jobs many times are not met with much appreciation. When Rhema is... MORE

Merry Christmas! 

Merry Christmas from Rhema and all of us!!!  We are thankful to be home for the Holidays!    Rhema is doing well and her foot is seeming to be okay. It's hard not to be able to see it visually b... MORE

Our Christmas Friend 

We are doing Christmas with the Shephards Friend; Rhema named him David. We've really enjoyed the advent cards and have many wonderful discussions about Jesus being THE Treasure.  ... MORE

Happy Cast-Removal Eve!

Rhema got a new friend for her Happy Cast-Removal Eve!  She named her pink reindeer "Twinkle"! Rhema also discover Legos and spent much of her time building little Lego guys!  We finally got her away from ... MORE
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Perspectives: Behind The Glass 

What's the view outside your window?  What did your day hold?  What will it hold tomorrow?  As I wait for Rhema's antibiotic to be pushed through her IV, hoping to catch it before the alarm sou... MORE

Ready To Go! 

Rhema started her day with a case of what she calls "sticky-up-hair-itis".  She woke up in a great mood.  She asked first thing for her muscles so she is suited-up and checked in.  ... MORE