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VIPs of The Rhema Miracle Team

Hey kids, you've just found out that your family headed to Walt Disney World for a fun, family vacation! What are you gonna' do?..... Head over to Rhema's house, of course, before heading to see "The Mouse" bec... MORE
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Wagon Assembly Day: Part1

The Rhema Miracle Outreach: "Show Some Love" Event has lots of wonderful helpers! Introducing Scout Troop 38 of the Wiregrass! Troop 38 has a rich history; it has been established for the last 60 years in the ... MORE
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Civitan Surprise!

Cupcakes are Yummy! Before Christmas Rhema and Momma did a brief presentation for the Civitan group.  It was so wonderful to give them an update on Rhema's progress with her Hippo therapy and to visit with the... MORE
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Why Wagons?

On August 9 th , 2010 the life we had known and planned forever changed; this was the day our daughter Rhema was born with Myelomeningocele (Spina Bifida) and Hydrocephalus.  During the first year of Rhema’s ... MORE

Rhema’s Miracle Wagons

  WHAT'S "RHEMA'S MIRACLE WAGONS"? This is an outreach effort by Rhema's family to benefit and encourage families who have to take their children to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, AL for me... MORE