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Bday Blast: Water Fun!

Oh, We Gonna Have Some Fun!!! When we drove in from therapy, this was what greeted us in the front lawn!  Rhema was so excited!!!! The Thinks She Likes It..... Yep, She's Pretty Sure She Likes It..... Yeah, It'... MORE
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Bday Blast: Bounce House Fun!

Rhema Loved Her Bounce Castle! Momma and Rhema bounce until the mosquitoes chased us out from outside the night before her party.  We knew that it would be impossible with Rhema's continence issues to allow her... MORE

A Yummy Way To Help!

On Thursday August 14th, 2014, $1 or more from every Blizzard® Treat purchased at participating DQ® stores will be donated to local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  Rhema's story helped to show how Childr... MORE
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Rhema’s Outreach: Be The Blessing!

Our Birthday Girl! Rhema is hosting a Birthday Blast Off Party which will have a duel purpose-- we are doing an Outreach which will benefit Children's Child Life Department!  At Rhema's big outdoor Birthday Bla... MORE
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Everything Rockets & Robots!

Rhema's Birthday Table! This was the cake and present table for Rhema's party!  We had two other tables for Rhema's family to sit and celebrate with her; both tables were very festive with rockets and robots as... MORE
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Quack Quack: Jase, Part Two!

A Quick Pic Behind The Line... Rhema and I went to pay for our book (which was a gift for Rhema's Papa) and then we walked over to get one more glimpse of Jase before we left.  I knelt down near Rhema and talke... MORE
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Quack Quack: Jase,Part One!

He's Here! Rhema and Momma went on an adventure!  We found out that Jase was coming to our town for only an hour and we had to try to see him.  Our family is a huge fan of Duck Dynasty and above all we LOVE Jas... MORE
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The Silly Side of Rhema!

Just Chillin...... With a box on my head....... Playing with my Zoo animals.......... Yep, I'm cool........ Here I am in a box...... for no good reason.......Just because....... ........want to come and play? .... MORE