PT Sitting On Bench before casting September 2013 SNAG-0008

Rhema crawled up on this bench all by herself  and as I looked at her legs I found myself wishing we could cast sooner.  It’s so pains me to see her little feet all twisted and sideways.  There are times when she can bend them straight back and they are facing behind her!  AHHH!  This is so scary for me and I’m constantly having to watch her feet, legs and knees trying to keep her from damaging them more.

We will begin casting during the first week of October.  Please keep us in your prayers as we begin this process again.  I’m praying that we see excellent results that will allow her feet to be better positioned for walking and it will help the surgeon get a better angle when we do have to have the surgery.  We will have lots of time to talk to the surgeon, as we will see him every other week for new casts, about next steps and timelines.  We need Divine wisdom to know when to schedule the surgery.

Also, pray for Rhema’s patience with this whole process of new casts every other week and also the day to day issues that come with casts like bathing, playing and for her overall safety.  Please also pray for us, her parents, as it’s hard on our backs to carry her around with two huge casts; both our backs are not the best so this is a real concern.  Also pray for safety for us all, as the way she kicks, we almost got broken noses last time she had casts. LOL!  We’ve learned to bob and duck when those legs start flailing around. LOL!  Pray we are agile on our feet again this go around and no one requires stitches.  LOL!