Casting MixUp But Cards Good October 2013 SNAG-0003 SNAG-0001 I Love My Cards!

These were a few of the cards we opened while waiting to see the doctor.

Casting MixUp Cards Magnifing Glass October 2013 SNAG-0002 SNAG-0000Rhema loves this little magnifier toy that came in a package of doctor stuff; she examined each card with it!  LOL!

Yes, the title of the post is not a mistake or a typo…. we drove to Children’s, waited 4 1/2 hours, did not receive any casts and then drove home.  Things are still alittle foggy as to who dropped the ball or what did not get communicated by who, but after much waiting and discussion it’s been decided that we must wait until November to begin casting.  Rhema has an appointment the first week of November.  We are VERY disappointed, but know this delay is not the fault of our surgery specialist.  We think very highly of our surgeon and prayers are continuing daily for his healing and quick return to his practice.  However, the cafaful and miscommunication on Monday was not fun and made us take a 8+ hour round trip!  We’ve not been given any other explanation by the physician’s PA either.   Nevertheless, we choose to practice having grace and mercy and will hopefully one day find out as to the why this all occurred.  Until then I’ve had the task of keeping Rhema’s feet, ankles and legs safe on broken-down AFOs, whose straps do not hold anymore.  We are seeking help here locally for a quick repair job to keep them intact for 5 more weeks of wear.