Momma & Rhema Selfie2 July 2014 SNAG-0033Girls Wanna’ Have Fun!

On our last day, we stayed and went to look at shells like Rhema requested.  We had a brunch and watched the ocean, the helicopters and all the seagulls fly about.  Momma and Rhema got a bit silly too!

Momma & Rhema Selfie July 2014 SNAG-0034

We went to a local shop that had hermit crabs and shells and Rhema rolled all over the place looking at all the shells.  It was a fun time; we talked about shapes, textures, patterns, etc….

Rhema was fascinated on a coin press machine and liked to push the crank around as far as she could.  I had some coins in my purse so Rhema got to make her first coin press design that she picked out!

1st Stamped Coin PC July 2014 SNAG-0035Her 1st Coin Press- She Picked a Dolphin Pattern

All in all, I’d say Rhema had a wonderful Aquatic Therapy program this year!  We look forward to keeping up her swimming weekly at home but are very thankful for this intensive time of exercise for her legs.  Coach Sharon and her team were wonderful with all the kids and we look forward to next year!