Rhema had a good night of rest and was cleared for discharge. Our wonderful nurse, Brittany was not working today but came by to check on is and sign Rhema’s casts. We’ve had such good nurses; such a blessing! 

Rhema was discharged in time to go to a painting activity prior to leaving. Her painting will be sold at a nearby Zoes restaurant and the proceeds will go back to Children’s. She wanted a super hero logo so that’s what we made. 

Rhema wanted to roll around a see the Christmas decor before leaving the hospital. She loved all the trees, especially the Super Hero tree we found! 


She picked out the dinosaur hat and is looking forward showing it to her cousin Andrew!  

We are so very happy to have these surgeries in our rear view mirror. Thank you all for your prayers. Keep them up as there is still a lot of healing needed as all these bones set and her skin heals. Due to the lack of innervation of her lower legs, wounds heal VERY slowly. We ask your prayers for protection over her legs while they heal.