Waiting Her Turn To Bat!

 Today was the last game of the season and Rhema played her BEST GAME EVER!

We’ve worked a long time (two baseball seasons in total) on just getting her to hold the bat and today, SHE DID IT!

Rhema kept saying “yellow…yellow” and it took me a few minutes to catch on that she was referring to a color of one of the bats.  So, when I offered the yellow one to her she took it!  I had to help her hit the ball, but she at least did touch the bat and held it all by herself.  This is progress!!!

Rhema also held the ball 4xs and took it back to home-plate, which is awesome compared to last week when she would not even touch the ball.

Rhema was very active today and wheeled herself all over the field.  I kept trying to keep her in one spot and wait for the hitter to hit the ball, but suddenly it dawned on me that her wanting to move about was very age appropriate.  I mean what 2 1/2 year old stands still while waiting for the ball to be hit?  So, I just let her wander around the infield, like most of the kids around her and enjoy her mobility.  Every so often I would redirect her attention to the next hitter and sometimes she would stop and watch for the ball to be hit.  It was wonderful to see her finally having mobility and being able to move about like a typical child.

When it was her time to bat I tried to let her wheel herself around each “square” i.e. base and we counted them as we rolled to them.  If she was too slow and kids began to pile up behind us I would help speed her along, but it was important the she wheeled herself to home plate just like the other kids. Today she even gave the “umpire” a high-five when she reached home plate!

At the end of the games all the players give high-fives.  Many times Rhema will shy away from all the kids reaching out to touch her, but today she gave high-fives to all who offered.  I was so proud to see her progress and socializing with her peers more!

We had such a fun season with the Miracle League!  One of the coaches remarked at how much Rhema has progressed from her introduction last.  Yes, I was one proud momma to see how much Rhema has blossomed in such a short while.

I’m praying that when Fall baseball rolls around that it will be before her big surgery.  If not, then maybe when she is stable and it’s safe to get her out with her casts she can still play and not have to wait until next summer. Miracle League is so worthwhile— talk about a level playing field — literally and figuratively!  LOL!  Miracle League Rocks!