Rhema has been released from the hospital! We saw her neurosurgeon and he said her issue was a “sputter” with her shunt; this is when the shunt tubeing has an obstruction. He said we did the right thing bringing her on to the hospital as her symptoms progressed rapidly from swelling, to pain to vomiting. There is no rhyme nor reason to why this happened, why it cleared and if it will happen again. The doc said it can be an islolated occurance or it can be a sign of a shunt malfuntion from protein build up on the tubeing. I am very happy to be going home without surgery, but now have a concern if this will occur again. Yet, once again I will choose to take my own advice and live in the now and with a thankful heart, rejoice that my daughter is okay. We believe its an answer to all the prayers that the shunt cleared so we are doing a happy dance of praise right along with you. 🙂 May the Lord bless you all for your prayers and encouragement.