Horses 1st Day back sitting waiting after surgery March 2014 SNAG-0006Ready To Ride!

Rhema was back at Hippo Therapy this week as well!  I was concerned, as her therapist were too, how well she would transition back into riding; Rhema amazed us all!  There was no hesitation in her, she just sat on the horse, rode for the hour and talked!  We are so happy to have Mrs. Pam back with us on Rhema’s riding team!  Mrs. Pam is a precious lady, whom we think a lot of, and has always been very kind to Rhema.  She even came to one of Rhema’s t-ball games one time!  Rhema’s session went well and we know that getting back in the saddle will go a long way with getting her back up and walking soon.

Oh and a quick praise report– take a look at Rhema’s boots in the picture above.  Anytime we change AFOs we have difficulty finding boot that will fit over them and that are not crazy expensive.  I found these boots at a consignment shop the day before she had to ride for $2.00 and they fit her perfectly!  Yea Jesus!  It’s the little blessings that mean so much!  Such a wonderful kiss from the Lord!

Horses 1st Day back2 after surgery March 2014 SNAG-0007