Rhema Built This All By Herself!

We are very proud of Rhema, she has finally conquered the task of stacking blocks!  Stacking objects such as blocks has been one of her big “developmental delays” on her Early Intervention chart.  It’s not that Rhema could not do the skill, we felt, it was just she did not want to follow instructions and/or did not have the desire to stack anything.  Nor did she have the desire to do or follow instructions  to put objects into containers.  Rhema’s pattern was to empty ANY container of toys or items she found and would get aggravated if you put them back in to their containers.  But on this day (pictured above) she demonstrated both skills: stacking blocks/legos and then putting the legos back into the container when we finished playing!  It was so exciting to see a change in disposition with her!!!  She was not frustrated at all like in the past when we would give opportunity for these specific skill building exercises!  I’m one proud Momma and look forward to building many more lego castles with my precious Rhema!