Rhema Lego Blocks April 2014 SNAG-0008“It’s a castle!”

Okay, so I dedicate this picture to Rhema’s Early Interventionist, Stephanie Wilkerson!!!  Stephanie, these are the Lego’s you gave Rhema a years ago.  Way back then Rhema could not stack anything or build anything — now, take a look at her!  I got out the Lego’s a week ago and we’ve built countless castles and robot guys!  Rhema loves it and she can put them together herself and also has learned how to push on them a second time to make sure they stick are are secure.  I love to see Rhema learning and growing.  We are so proud to see her fine motor skills and cognitive skills progressing.  She still does most things with her thumb and middle finger (rather than thumb and index) so, we are continuing working on that issue.  But, wow, such an improvement from before, right?! Now, next is to get out the other blocks that do not stick together and see if she will stack those!  LOL!  Let’s see what this girl can do!!!!