So see what had happen was….. 

When Rhema was released from the hospital, she would get very upset every night when we had to do her wound care. So that’s when we got creative with our approach and became– THE BOOBOO TROOPERS!  Lol! 

You see, Rhema LOVES the Star Wars Lego video game her Uncle Jerry got for her last October when she began this surgery season. So daddy and mamma each night becomes a BOOBOO Tropper during wound care procedures. Rhema even would get a star wars toy post treatment each night; these incentives went for about 10 days with positive gains of her nightly anxiety decreasing each day. 

So yes, we are now a few weeks out and into all the wound care phase post surgery/castings.  These two wounds have been the worst Rhema’s ever had and have been very challenging to treat. Any kind of sores or abrasions on her lower legs take MANY MONTHS to heal. The anterior/top sore is very deep and will take the longest to heal. The posterior/back sore is healing nicely but still has some challenging parts; it was the larger of the two. 

It’s been a long road for all of us and we are ready for some closure to this surgery season. We are at the 5 month point currently and are guessing this process to take about another 6-8 weeks. Then we start the process of getting her braces refitted and get her weight bearing. 

Her bones are still healing and that will take almost a year to fully set. We have a “mal-Union” on the right Tibia and that is what is causing the leg to have the bowed appearance. That is a continued point of prayer that as she grows that bone will correct and not cause problems. It’s upsetting that the bones did not heal in the best position. 

We’ve learned a lot about how her Spina Bifida affects her healing processes and even though we know that’s a physical reality we are believing for better than reality for her. We are believing for supernatural healing and for continued repair that is beyond what our eyes currently see. Each roadblocks, setbacks, challenges and yes even disappointments during this surgery season we’ve been anchored to our Lord Who provides whatever we need in that moment. We’ve let these heartaches grow us and we’ve leaned into all that is ours because of Who we belong to. I will be doing more posts about the challenges in the hopes to help out our fellow parents headed into this kind of surgery and also share about the things we’ve learned. Until then, I wanted to give you all an update on Rhema’s current condition and how you can best pray for her. Thank you again for your continued prayers.