A New Friend….

Rhema had her visit to the Wound Care Specialist today.  Everyone was VERY nice, helpful and did a great job.  The worst part of the appointment was the poor nurse trying to take Rhema’s blood pressure!  Rhema hates the cuff, especially when it begins to squeeze her arm; the nurse never did get a reading. LOL!  Between the blood pressure fail and the under-arm thermometer temperature taking, we got out her new robot stickers and that seemed to make it all better.

The doctor asked did Rhema have any sensation in her feet and we said that was still unclear at this time.  He took out what looked like a tiny scoop with a handle and then just scooped the wound quickly.  Rhema did not even flinch, nor look up.  The debris was over in the blink of an eye and the nurse began to get the gauze and tape ready to bandage it back up.  Whew!  Rhema just sat quietly playing with her robot stickers and occasionally looked up.  One sweet nurse came in and said, “I hear we have a baby in here and I wanted to see her.”  Upon meeting Rhema, she showed her a picture of her little girl and then gave Rhema a little green toy (see above picture).  The last nurse who came in went over  the new wound care instructions and it was finished!  Next week we have a follow up to see how it is healing.

We are breathing a sign of relief and I’m thankful that all went well.  The specialist encouraged us to call Rhema’s bracing place and get an appointment to rework the “helper shoes” as he feels that they are what caused the sore.  He noted that on the other heel there was an abrasion in nearly the same spot and feels that whatever adjustments made recently to the braces caused these sores.  We walked to the car and I got on the phone to Bill for an appointment when we go to clinic in less than two weeks.  Rhema will continue on light duty with no walking or pulling to stand until the sore heals and her braces are adjusted.

 We are grateful to the Lord for His provision of a good physician and also sweet, caring nurses to help Rhema.  We are also thankful that she did not need any major, evasive procedure.  Thank you all for your prayers for Rhema and our family.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who cover us in prayer.  To God be the Glory, great things He has Done!  Amen!