Bring On The Doc!

Rhema’s wound is all healed up! Praise The Lord!  In the past week it scabbed over like normal and then while at clinic the scab flaked off accidentally and underneath was healthy skin.  There is a tiny, circular place where the deepest point of the wound still has a small scab, but other than that as evidence, it is back to normal skin.  The wound care specialist did not even give us any further treatment meds; he just advised us to keep it covered for a few more days.

That was when he finally came in, after an hour wait, did he advise us to keep it covered.  Ahhhh!  I hate waiting!  However, Rhema is such a patient, easy going child.  But even at an hour wait, sitting in a huge chair, she got bored.  She just leaned over, put her chin on the arm rest and sighed.  No fussing, no grumbling (like her mother), just a little sigh indicating that she could feel the passage of time.  Momma needs to take a cue from little Rhema and practice more patience.  Yes, just another lesson learned from my sweet Rhema.