Blooming Where She’s Planted— In The Doctor’s Office With a Smile!

Okay, so here is the official call to prayer — tomorrow Rhema will be going to the hospital to see a wound care specialist.  The pediatrician said that we had been doing everything right to treat the leision at home, but because of the look of it after a week’s treatment, she felt like it may need to be debris by a specialist.  Uhhhh!  So, hi-ho-hi-ho it’s back to the hospital we go.  Uhhh!

  There is no place on earth like Children’s Hospital when it comes to caring for children so I am approaching tomorrows appointment, at our local hospital, with some reservations.  Will an adult hospital know how to treat my child?  Will they be rough or harsh with her?  Are they versed in treating CHILDREN who have Spina Bifida?  Well, we are going to proceed with the appointment and see how we feel about the treatment team we meet.  If we are not 100% confident in the care, then we will excuse ourselves and head to “our home away from home”–Children’s Hospital.

Please, please, please pray for us tomorrow!  Pray first and foremost for Rhema’s complete healing.  Pray protection over her compromised foot & immunity.  Pray for our discernment about the specialists we meet.  Pray for SKILLED, THOROUGH, PLEASANT physicians, technicians and nurses who can handle a child with compassion AND do their job 110%!  Pray against infection!  Pray for momma’s heart as this is really hard on momma as I struggle with feelings of “what did I miss”, “how did this happen”, etc…..  Oh, I am just so agonizing over this even happening….

Thank you all, our family and friends who pray, for your continued support and prayer covering.

I’m headed to bed now to snuggle with my precious Rhema and wait before the Lord for what tomorrow will bring.  Tomorrow is in the Lord’s capable hands so “In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust.” Psalm 4:8