Such a BIG chair for such a LITTLE girl!

Rhema has hopefully one more appointment with her wound care specialist and we will be done with this episode of boo-boos.  Last week she sat for TWO hours for this appointment waiting for the doctor who, upon finally stopping by to see her, stayed all of 5 minutes in the room!  TWO HOURS is an eternity in the life of a two year old; momma was not smiling either.  We have our last appointment this week and I pray it goes much quicker.

As far as the wound, it is MUCH better!  It was visibly much smaller in size and was beginning to scab over.  So, we got the second round of wound care meds to put on it and will continue our wound care regimen.  Again, I pray that this weeks appointment is our last and we can get back to our normal routine.  The one up side was that the doctor did clear Rhema to got to her PT & Therapeutic Dance class so we are looking forward to it!