They Are Huge!

Life Way Christian store hosted our buddies Bob & Larry from Veggie Tales and we took Rhema!  She was shy at first but then got so animated and excited; she waved at them and kept saying “go get them!”  We were so surprised how happy she was to see them!  When they had to leave we all waved goodbye and much to our surprise Rhema began crying– huge crocodile tears!  Ya’ll she was inconsolable!  It was not a fit or a tantrum— she was SAD that her friends left.  We got her calmed down and rolled her around the store, but when her daddy headed out of the store with her she began crying again.  I quickly checked out and headed for the van, but when I arrived she was sobbing!  I picked her up and quietly explained that her friends Bob and Larry had to go eat lunch, we could see them “later” and I was sorry she was sad.  She finally quit sobbing, we got her face cleaned up and put on a Veggie Tale movie. 🙂  It was such a precious moment to be able to comfort her and be there for her in that moment of “loss.”  I’ve always felt Rhema had a very tender heart and watching her process the “loss” of Bob & Larry leaving really exemplified her tenderness of spirit.  May the Lord help us, her parents, to always discern the best way to handle her with the gentleness and understanding she needs as she navigates the journey of life.