Jim & Leslie Joggin Stroller March 2015 SNAG-0002 SNAG-0001

New Friends & A New “Red Ride”!

Okay, so I do not know where to start….. let me introduce the newest members of “Team Rhema Miracle”.  Jim & Leslie, are truly “miracle-makers” for our precious Rhema!

The small “miracle” is the red stroller you see Rhema in above.  I was speaking to Jim about a small build-in need (will talk about that in a minute) for Rhema and he asked me was there any equipment needs Rhema has currently.  Now I had been searching thrift stores and Craigs list for about a month for a “jogging” stroller for Rhema.  I needed one for rough terrain (like walking trails with her) and then also we had a farm day event we wanted to take her to.  The farm day event was only 2 days away and I had just settled on that we’d have to take the Radio Flyer pull-behind wagon for Rhema; I was not able to find a stroller yet.  Jim’s church was doing a thrift sale and when I mentioned about the jogging stroller he got very excited and said, “I think we have one of those!”  So, while I was on the phone with Jim, on our FIRST phone call ever, the Lord was already at work and was meeting a need that we needed!!!  Jim put the stroller in his car and we set a meeting time for during the next few days.  We met Jim and his precious wife Leslie the day before the farm day event and they brought us this stroller!  It was perfect!  Rhema loved it and it was PERFECT for the farm-day event!   Also, the little doggie sitting with Rhema was a gift too from the church folks; Rhema loves him and named him Astro!  Rhema’s Build-a-Bear pajamas fits Astro wonderfully, so now Astro is the newest addition to the crew of animals Rhema sleeps with!  LOL!

Jogging Stroller Blessing Goucho Farms March 2015 SNAG-0000 SNAG-0000

Back to the beginning of why we contacted Jim’s church and crew was that for a few months with needing a proper, safer changing station for Rhema.  Really, it is a build-in project in her room (nearest to the bathroom) that will help us begin the next step in her care– a bowel management program.  (Also, we are transitioning Rhema to a bath chair during the week to help save momma’s and daddy’s backs and we want to use Rhema’s shower instead of having to carry a slick, wet Rhema across the house from our bath tub.)   Rhema has outgrown the table top that we were using to cath and change her diapers.  Now, she still sort-of fits, but she has gotten so very tall that it’s really not felt safe for a while now.  Plus, with adding an additional continence program, plus wanting to begin using her shower to bathe her — whew we’ve got a lot of safety concerns right now.  So, we’ve taken them all one-by-one and getting a proper, safe “changing” or processing station was a HUGE piece of our puzzle.

We reached out to several wonderful groups, but there were some factors that just made it difficult for them to help us.  Our precious Habitat for Humanity folks were most helpful in helping us brainstorm as to other resources in the area that might be able to assist.  Our Habitat folks were the ones who led us to contact a local church that has a “home improvement” group of men that assist folks in need in our area– thus we met Mr. Jim.  Ya’ll, God is so good, not only did Mr. Jim’s group take on the project, they have already made a couple of trips to our home to get measurements and sketches.  In my wildest dreams I could not have designed, much less built, such a changing table are that these guys are developing!  I am literally blown away!

I cannot wait to show ya’ll the end product once the build is complete!  We’ve always put our trust in the Lord to meet Rhema’s needs, but it’s an added bonus to us to meet such nice folks like Mr. Jim & Mrs. Leslie.  What a joy to be amongst people who literally are the “hands and feet” of Jesus!  We are in the early phases of this build, but are so excited to meet more of the group that will make this wonderful blessing come to fruition.  They will all forever be daily in our prayers and forever be a part of our family here at “The Rhema Miracle”.  We will update as this amazing project unfolds….. for now, join us praying blessings over Jim, Leslie and their awesome team.