Rocket Toy Sept 2014 SNAG-0003She Loves Her Rocket!

Rhema, momma and Gida are off this week on an adventure!  We will go visit Rhema’s Aunt Rarah, swing through Tennessee and see many, many friends from where Rhema was born, and then end up at Biotec to pick up Rhema’s new KAFO’s!  We are all excited about this road trip!  Rhema is fast asleep and momma is still packing.  It will be a fast and furious trip, but we are so looking forward to seeing everyone!

Please keep us in your prayers this week for safe travels.  Also, be praying that the KAFO’s will go over okay; they are a much needed, but I am concerned Rhema will not adjust to them well.  We are holding happy thoughts and saying many prayers that this brace change will be accepted quickly and will help to get Rhema back up walking again.

We will be posting from the road all week and are especially excited to be carrying our Bead from the Beads of Courage with us all week.  There will be many pictures taken with the bead and we will pick up mementos along the way to send back with the bead.  It’s very exciting for us and we are honored to participate.

Well, those clothes are not going to pack themselves, so I’m off.  Ya’ll keep tuned in here and we look forward to sending wonderful pictures of Rhema back in her Smokey Mountains.  Rocky Top will always be a (little bit of) home-sweet-home to me… (sing along) Rockey Top Tennesseee!!!!!  Here we come ya’ll!