Rhema’s Elmo Birthday Cake…………Before

We had 3 dozen Elmo cupcakes for Rhema’s guests and then this “smash” cake made for Rhema’s Birthday party. 

Everything was lovely …….


…………………Momma dropped it on the floor and Rhema’s Aunts, Cha-Cha and Rarah, had to scrape it off the floor!

The card table we had it on was slanted and when I went to move the cake, it just slid forward off the tray and onto the floor! 


So, without skipping a beat, Rhema’s Uncle Mike got a cupcake off the party table and put it on an Elmo plate to give to Rhema and all was right with the world. 


A Note From Momma/The Cake Smasher:  You know the saying, “there’s not use crying over spilled milk”?  I now feel I understand that phrase.  I was upset with myself for smashing Rhema’s cake, but was surprised at how little it upset me.  Yes, it was sad and upsetting, but one side benefit I’ve noticed from of all the loss and trauma our little family has experienced over the last two years is perspective.  Little things can be upsetting, but when they happen, it is now much easier for me to shrug and move on.  Perspective and Thankfulness are lessons I’ve learned from my Teacher Jesus, and He has used my Rhema to teach me.  When things are bad, I can now look outside my circumstance and realize that there are much, much worse things out there and I should be thankful for what I have and who I have in my life.

Anyway, hope this “epic fail” of mine with Rhema’s cake gives you a laugh and also gives you pause to be thankful for where you are, who is in your life and what you are experiencing –good or not so good.  It is not to belittle any pain you are going through… pain and hurt are real.  Pain and hurt must be processed, dealt with and then healed — and can be healed by our Heavenly Father, our Maker.  But when it’s little things, like a smashed cake, have a giggle and then get a cupcake.  These are words to live by…. 🙂