Riding With My Entourage

Rhema had a blast riding her bike a few days ago with her buddies!  Rhema enjoyed riding her bike so much when it was warm a few days back.  The family pictured have been on our site before if you all remember — this was the group of children who fasted desserts when Rhema was born and was in the NICU so many, many months ago.  Rhema’s birth and surprise diagnosis of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus left our little family feeling like we’d been hit by a truck.  I, Momma, was healing up from an emergency C-section and we were taking a crash course in what these birth defects impacted and having to make serious medical decisions all the while trying to deal with the trauma and heartache of it all.  Before Rhema was moved to a private NICU room she was out in this huge room with multiple units of beds with all kinds of very sick children.  All the families would huddle around their child’s little bed and stand for hours or try to perch on metal stools to just be as close as possible to their child.  We were not allowed to hold Rhema until she was about 30 days old.  Anyway, this family pictured here gave us such wonderful support during those dark days.  I remember leaving Rhema’s bed for a short visit in the waiting area to sit with my parents and one of my siblings (I don’t remember which one) when they told me about the children pictured above’s voluntary fasting and praying for Rhema.  The children told their parents that they wanted to fast desserts and spend that time praying for Rhema.  If this was not precious enough, I was told that when they went over to their grandparent’s home, who were not aware of their fasting, they were offered cookies by their grandmother and they all said, “Thank you but we cannot eat sweets right now and we are fasting and praying for Rhema.”  Just remembering and recounting this brings tears to my eyes.  Rhema is so blessed to have such wonderful friends!  My prayer is she will have, in abundance, such wonderful, intentional, Godly friends like these precious people her whole life through AND that she will BE like them to others who are in need.