Fall Bike Ride October 2013 SNAG-0001Chasing You!

Rhema is loving this cooler weather so she can ride her bike more!  She chased us up and down the driveway several times and talked and talked!  Riding her bike is such wonderful exercise for her! The shoes she is wearing is a pair of slippers that light up when they have impact.  I happened upon them at Walgreens for 50% off and liked that they were easy to pull on. The did not light up while she was riding but at home she likes to wear them on her hands and whack them together to see them light up.  They are really big for her so I think they will possibly fit over her casts and also her new AFOs for this winter.  It’s her first pair of light up “shoes” like many other kids get to wear.  I’m hoping that after her surgery and when she gets back up to walk that we can find her some real shoes that will fit over her braces that light up.