Urodynamic Study Aug 2014 SNAG-0011Bright & Toooo Early!

We were the first to arrive at clinic as Rhema’s test was the first on the schedule.  Rhema was already fussy as it was way early for her; she would not let us brush her hair without her crying.  Considering all that was ahead of her that morning, a slight case of bed-head was our least concern.  The night before I got very little sleep, as did Rhema’s dad as well, so we were all exhausted before the first appointment of the day began.  I brought my grab bag of new toys that I pick up at consignment shops and save for medical procedures/hospital stays.  Rhema was tentative as the physician entered the room along with two nurses; she knew something was up.  She did not want to lay back but we were able to coax her into doing so with a new toy and the nurse began blowing bubbles.  My job was to perform an epic puppet show the the toys during which she would be so distracted that she would not focus on anything happening just south of her location.  There are so many wires and tubes that they use in her “region” it is upsetting for me to even watch it with my peripheral vision; I think the puppet show was just as much for me as it was for her.  They still feel she has very little sensation and has extensive nerve damage.  The test seemed to really be much longer than her other two tests she’s had and I was beginning to run out of material and Rhema was beginning to show real agitation over all that was happening to her.  Fianlly, the doctor said he had repeated the test enough times to see what he needed to see on his monitor and they quickly released her of all the “entanglements”.

So, can you hear the drum roll……. the results are……. NO REFLUX detected this time into either kidney…… NO MAJOR SPASMS of her bladder…. NO MEDICATIONS NEEDED AT THIS TIME!!!!!   AHHHHHH!!!!!  We were so elated and beside ourselves we could barely contain it!  The physician kept scratching his head and saying that THIS was not what he expected to see at all.  He fully expected to see further need for the meds and would have seen a repeat of the reflux and spasms!!!  We are counting this a huge victory and have been doing a happy dance of praise ever since!  I am so sorry this post is so delayed in getting out this AWESOME news!!!!  When we arrived home Rhema had picked up a virus/bug and has been really sick for about a week now.  She has even “shared” is with most of the family and now Daddy has it and Papa too.  Ugh!   But I did not want another day to go by with our shouting from the rooftops this good report from Rhema’s Urodynamic study!  We are saying “yay God” and are so thankful for this report!!!