Dr. Killian Appt Aug 2014 SNAG-0008Waiting Amongst Many Tiny Friends….

Rhema saw her orthopedic surgeon while up near Children’s for her test and other appointments.  He said that her tendon lengthenings were still looking good and she still had good range of motion.  One of her feet was tighter than the other (we’d already observed that) and we just needed to keep her feet stretched out as much as possible.  He also agreed that for a season Rhema may need Kafo’s and thought that is what Rhema’s physiatrist would say the next day as well.

We also had a late day appointment with a wheelchair van place to learn about options for transporting Rhema.  There is no “one solution” that fits all her needs, so we have much more research to do to find what will work best.  If mobility was her only challenge that would be one thing, but with her continence issues begin another consideration— that complicates matters.
We are prayerfully researching and seeking the best solution for her and us.  Rhema is now 43 pounds and very tall; daddy and momma’s backs are feeling it on a daily basis now so a solution must be found and soon.

Rhema loved being able to wheel up into the van; she had a blast going in and out of all the different vans!

Accessable Van Rhema Aug 2014 SNAG-0009