Rhema and I have a big meeting mid-day today. Please pray for favor, discernment and direction for us. This meeting will help Rhema with further interventions for her quality of life and medical care.

Rhema is doing great since her surgery! Only a few more days and she will get her AFOs and we hope to begin PT as soon as Monday. I’m anxious for her therapists to see her feet and weigh-in on their thoughts of the changes. I cannot say I’m completely happy with all I’m seeing and I have concerns about her knees still.

Yesterday for the first time in 8 weeks, Rhema crawled around her room. She loved being back on the floor and almost did not know what to do with herself. Lol! I’m hoping that soon she can transition from crawling to walking; it’s tough to see your 3 1/2 year old crawling and a 1 year old walking by her at church. I know this is part of SB/ spinal cord injury but it does not hurt less. Nevertheless, Rhema is progressing and happy, as evidenced by the picture posted here, so I will choose to focus on that. I loved this picture of my silly girl, and wanted y’all to see it! Rhema is a true joy and I am blessed every day to be her momma!