School Supplies Aug 2014 SNAG-0004 SNAG-0003Checking Her School List….

We are giving school a try again this year; it’s still only two days a week and only a few hours those days, but it’s a huge step for Rhema and us!  All of the many, many epic meetings leading up to this year have gone well; we are still tentative with all this, but have a peace about it this year compared to last year.  So, Rhema attended school for the first time last week!

1st Day School Aug 2014 SNAG-0003 SNAG-00041st Day Of School!

Rhema woke up and began to bounce and clap the morning I woke her up for her first day of school.  Momma had to fight back the tears but was so happy to see Rhema so excited!  We dressed her in her “signature” color of pink and
Rhema wore her new, special medical alert bracelet.  We’ve been waiting until she was older to get her a nice beaded med bracelet; it’s pink and has glow in in the dark beads!  Rhema loves the bracelet and shows it to anyone and everyone she sees!  LOL!

1st Day School2 Aug 2014 SNAG-0002 SNAG-0005Backpack!!

Rhema loves her backpack and insisted on carrying it herself.  She was all smiles when we drove up to the school where all the buses are; seeing the buses is her favorite!

1st Day School 3 Teacher Aug 2014 SNAG-0001 SNAG-0000Rhema’s 1st Teacher!

Both days of school Rhema did great!  Let me tell you just how much Jesus loves this little girl…..  At night Rhema’s favorite book that we are reading is “The Sleepy Monster” which the monster has googly eyes that roll around when the book is moved about.  Rhema is fixated on this little book and we read it almost every night.  So, at school on her first day, what is the craft they make….. a monster with googly eyes!!!!  Yes, Rhema felt right at home and could not wait to show it to us after school!  Now, tell me that God just did not smile down on her in such a unique, special way!  It really encourage me to have this little kiss-from-the-Lord to know that He know exactly where she is and arranges little things to show us just that.  Oh how special it is to be loved by Jesus in both little and small ways….. I am so thankful that this year things are going well (we still have a few challenges we are addressing) and Rhema is loving it!  Please keep her in your prayers that all will continue to go well and her needs will be taken care of so she can continue this year.  It is the last year she is eligible for this program and we soooo desire for her to be able to attend.