Last Miracle League of Fall Nov 2013 SNAG-0001Where’s My Team!?

Rhema’s last Tball game did not get to happen due to lack of folks coming.  We were disappointed with not being able to play, but look forward to the Summer games!

Rhema enjoyed herself, nevertheless, zooming around in her chair all over the sidewalks and grass.  And then there was an incident….

As I talked to a Miracle League friend, I heard the Lord say “Rhema is going to fall forward in her chair….”.  Now, I do not know where all ya’ll stand on the Lord speaking to you, but I KNOW that precious, sweet voice of my Lord when I hear it and my Momma radar started sounding, “RED ALERT!”  So, I watched her and my precious momma, (Rhema’s Gida), was trailing her and I yelled over to her to watch that she did not fall forward.  About that time I watch Rhema turn and zoom towards the grass, off of the sidewalk, and watched her face-plant into the grass and then wheelchair land on top of her.  I took off running towards her and my mom was right there and grabbed the handles of the chair and began to pull it up.  Rhema pushed up on her arms and began to cry; she looked more shocked than anything.  I unbuckled her, held her and let her cry, reassuring her that she was okay while my hands frantically checked her shunt and her port area.  I tell you time stood still for about a minute as I checked her over….

This girl has got BIG Angels as she did not have a scratch on her and she only cried for about a minute.  We bucked her back into the chair and talked with her about the “edge” of the sidewalk and about “falling off the edge”.  I even rolled her chair back over the edge and let it slightly tip forward to show her what had made her fall.  Rhema got really nervous when I did this, but I think it helped to show her cause and effect, hopefully avoiding further incidences.  When we moved away from that area, Rhema took off again and zoomed around the rest of the complex for a few minutes before we left.  I was so proud of her that she did not let her fall scare her and she went back to normal play.

I am also, so THANKFUL for a loving God who loves me and spoke to me about Rhema’s imminent fall.  Her fall may seem trivial, but it was just a “kiss from my Father God” to let me know He is still holding Rhema in the hollow of His hand.   As we head into this Thanksgiving we have a lot to be thankful for…..