Making Snow At School Mrs. Dusty Jan 2015 SNAG-0002Snow!

Rhema had only one day last week at school and doing regular activities– but she ROCKED it!  She did an amazing job at school; they made snow and Rhema touched it, squashed it and had the most fun!

Then we went to OT and she did so well, the therapist I think cried a little.  Rhema has done a huge jump in her cognition and ability to follow directions!  2014 was a long year of setbacks, plateaus and just waiting on Rhema to move forward.  2015 has come in in like a storm and Rhema is just doing rocking awesome!  We’ve been sick a lot with sniffles and a few times vomiting followed by periods of not wanting to eat, but even with all these health challenges, Rhema has surprised us all!

I think we all, on Team Rhema Miracle, from us (her parents) all the way to her therapists and teachers, needed this boost that we got last week from Rhema.  She just stepped up in a big way and we all can see it!

We are so pleased with this jump forward and feel that 2015 will be a big year!

Rhema BEST day of school and OT victory sucker Jan 2015 SNAG-0001Victory Sucker!